Cucamelon Joy

For the average bystander, it was probably a little alarming to see how overexcited I became when I first discovered the cucamelon. A dollhouse, teeny tiny watermelon with the taste of a zesty cucumber. What’s not to love, right?


A couple of weeks ago I got my grabbers on a ‘grow your own’ cucamelon kit from the fantastic Beecycle [click here to view] and started growing. I have to admit it, I am a bit of a plant killer.. my last gardening venture [a gherkin plant from a garden centre] died within the first week..

So you can imagine my lack of faith at the challenge of growing cucamelon from seed, but lone behold, two weeks later & the little seedlings are well and truly alive! I can’t begin to explain how proud I am [very sad, I know] that they’re growing well. Below are picks of week 1 & 2.. I’ll be sure to update shortly!

IMG_7635 Screen Shot 2014-06-25 at 20.35.38

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Spooning Out

Recently I’ve been looking for courses and experiences to take for a bit of creative inspiration. Last year I did a day course at Print Club London and absolutely loved it [read here]. The one that’s really caught my eye at the moment, to get back to base skills and nature, is the spoon carving course with Hatchet + Bear.

Hatchet + Bear is run by woodworker extraordinaire and product designer EJ Osborne in the wilds of Frome, Somerset. Using simple tools and traditional methods, EJ carves her creations into locally sourced & gathered wood. Not only are the finished items she design’s beautiful, but they’re also practical; most notably spoons. I’m a keen follower of her Instagram account and have constant life envy! Hence why I’m super excited to hopefully be booking in to take one of the Hatchet + Bear day spoon carving courses! The course costs £100, run every month and only have classes of eight students – perfect! To find out more, click here.

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Carried away..

I believe it stems from primary school days of trying to find my name on magnets, badges or pencils at some shitty gift shop on a school trip, but I cannot help but purchase something if I see my name on it. Be it the Sex and the City ‘Carrie’ necklace [yes I wear one], or merely a dress design named the ‘Carrie’.. I have to have it. Carrie by name, carried away by nature.

This named obsessed trait of mine came in to play recently when I went to the pre-show buyers night at the Film 4 Summer Screens. For each of the 16 films on show, 16 different artists from Print Club London, designed 16 stunning new prints for each movie. One of which, was by the illustrator Peter Strain for the movie Carrie. So, can you guess what happened? Yup, I bought it.

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Ed Fairburn

I’ve had my eye on Ed Fairburn’s map art for a while now but due to my lack of funds, I’ve not been able to purchase one for myself.  However, when I noticed he’d started selling a new ‘quarter scale series’ at a reduced price, I couldn’t help but buy one immediately! I’ve bought a numbered edition print of ‘Die Milche-Strasse’ [see below] which can be purchased through for £50 – click here to view. I love the colours, subtle portrait and romantic star constellations. I can’t wait for the print to arrive – hurry up Mr Postman!

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The first rule of Print Club..

Whenever I take one of my precious days of annual leave off of work, I like to make sure I use my time wisely. I can’t think of anything worse than taking off a days leave and doing nothing with it! So this Thursday I took the day off to do something fun and get me back in touch with being creative.

I’ve had my eye on a few workshops for a while now and at the top of my list was definitely Print Club London. So off I went, USB stick in hand, loaded with my specially created design, to the Dalston studio. It was so lovely to step back into an art studio again and smell the paint; it took me straight back to college days. The workshop was fantastic; effortlessly explained and demonstrated by the technicians. I’ve been on workshops before where the teachers feel tough and unapproachable. This was definitely not the case at Print Club London; all questions were answered and even though it was a beginners class, I never felt technical issues were dumbed down. All aspects of creating a screenprint were covered, from prepping the screen & image, to aligning the print bed, actually screenprinting and even correctly cleaning the screen for future use. All the nitty gritty was covered. I learnt a great deal and at the end of the day walked away with prints of my designs which I’m ever so proud of.. probably overly so! Judge for yourself..

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